Pets in the office

Meet our new best friends: 3D Augmented Reality Tattoos! They take tattoos to a whole new level: with a little help from your phone they come alive, and can walk around and make noises! We are slightly in love, and we can’t wait to use the concept in one of our games!

What games are we playing right now?

It’s no secret that we love playing games. Games are not just a job for us, it is also a hobby! Our experiences in hobby games give us inspiration for our work and enables us to be even more creative then devising different game dynamics.

Our Classroom Games are finally finished

After a year of elbow grease, our digital classroom games are finally finished. We’re really pleased about that. At the same time, we are really happy about the agreement we have made with Gyldendal Education, who will make our game widely available to all Danish Primary schools already in this school year 16/17.

Innovation culture gamified

Many companies struggle to develop a culture of innovation; often the starting point is saying “we need more innovation” or “we need a quick solution”. There are indications that in many places innovation culture is seen either as being too complicated to handle, or considered to be another “problem” that can be dealt with using a quick fix or some new system.

Monday’s Mercury Transit

Yesterday at noon, the planet Mercury moved across the sun, as seen from earth. Such an event is relatively rare, it occurs only 13-14 times in a century, so our house astronomer was obviously ready with her camera.

Games can make you a better strategist

This article in the Harvard Business Review confirms pretty much everything we already knew at Copenhagen Gamelab: Games are a very effective way of facilitating learning! The focus of this article is about strategy, but really the same applies to all the skills you learn best by doing rather than just hearing.

3 great games for the bank holiday break, and a new visual identity

We thought it was about time we freshened up our visual identity with a nice new website, and we managed to get it finished just before the bank holiday! The main thing of course, is to have a nice break with family and friends; so here are three suggestions for cool games that can be enjoyed by children of all ages!

Drop Gamification – Learning is the new black!

Gamification, in its simplicity, is about rewarding desired behaviour. It can be done right or wrong, but in any event it should not be confused with real learning. When things are really bad, a game is made where you end up grinding through lower order tasks

Here’s what we are completely excited about: HoloLens

We have been in love with Augmented Reality (AR) for a while, Microsoft’s new device HoloLens does, however, make the experience even cooler: We’re moving from 2D graphics to real holograms.

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