Learning occurs between people!

All of our games – both the analogue and the digital - support learning between people. Many of our games are semi-digital, they are experienced in the physical world, but we exploit the benefits that the digital side can contribute.

We can develop unique custom games for individual customers but we also have a number of finished games on the shelves.

We have a solid didactic background – our game design follows a consistent scientific approach and educational style, to engage the learners’ minds – we have an extensive knowledge of learning as well as the unique challenges of the education sector.

We are experts in developing learning games on complex subjects in cooperation with experts. It requires high process know-how to allow game design and specific business- and educational knowledge to come together constructively and effectively. We have the experience and the knowledge to do this for you.

The four stages in our development process:


User scenarios and learning aims etc. are defined and the development is planned in detail. Requirements and frameworks are documented in a design brief.


Three internal game design workshops, and three combined workshops with the customer. These follow a fixed structure. In between these we will work on the game design. A prototype of the finished game is completed.


An interactive process where the game is continually tested and revised through prototypes. When this process is finished, the narrative, text, layout and game balance is 95% in place.


Live testing of the finished game, followed by final corrections in the balance of play, graphic design and content. We develop a facilitator guide and produce the physical materials.

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