Games off the shelf

Hyldevarer er spil man kan købe som til forskellige formål. Vi har både analog og semidigitale spil på hylden.

The Community

The community – a research based competency game about inclusion and wellbeing in schools, developed in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Education, National Union of Teachers, BUPL and Gentofte LA.

A series of semi digital game based courses that integrate the teacher in the delivery in the classroom. The concept is developed with support from the Danish Ministry of Education to support learning English as a second language, and is published by Gyldendal.


Serious Untoward Incidents. An analogue learning game about patient safety, developed in cooperation with Hvidovre Hospital, Quality & Development.


Analogue competency game developed in cooperation with the consultancy company Ingerfair, focussing on the management of volunteers – currently being redesigned to focus on the development of middle management skills in any business.


An analogue training game about flight safety developed in cooperation with the consultancy company Aeroteam. Mayday is a learning game about flight safety. By participating in the game, the players learn about Crew Recourse Management (CRM) and crisis management.


An analogue competency game about developing a culture of innovation; developed in collaboration with the consultancy company Finn Kollerup A/S. From idea to implementation


An analogue even game about end user travellers, service and upselling currently being developed in cooperation with Leon Birdi – Sales Consultant. Play your way to a better bottom line. Play your way to increased guest loyalty. Leon Birdi is the leading Danish hospitality consultant. His clients include Comwell, Hotel D’Angleterre, First Hotels, Choice, Skandic and many more.

The Race

A semi digital strategy and prioritisation game developed in collaboration with the Danish Centre for Public Competence. Successful engagement requires real influence The benefits of being involved in the processes of decision making in a larger group of people, are more informed decisions via access to the “wisdom of crowds”

Design projects

Her er nogle af de designprojekter, vi er særligt stolte af.

Drug Hunter

A semi digital strategy game on early drug discovery, developed in cooperation with the worldwide pharmaceutical company Roche. The game deals with the processes surrounding drug development, and focusses on the stage called “early drug discovery.”


A semi digital strategy game about becoming a rock star, developed in cooperation with Ragnarock - The Museum of Pop, Rock and Youth Culture. In this game you’re allowed to play a rock star. During the journey from your parents’ garage to the stars you will experience a number of rock clichés


A case competition game about crisis management, developed in collaboration with VIA University College. A heavy downpour has flooded basements, shorted electrical circuits and telephone systems and put all the usual systems out of action. But what do you do when you are stranded in a museum with 25 school children

The Job Game

Analogue business simulation on the implementation of the Employment Reform 2014 developed in cooperation with KL, Labour and Business.


A teaching game for theatre processes, developed in collaboration with the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen.


Analogue learning game designed for teenagers about personal finance, under development in collaboration with the Danish People’s Aid.


Analogue training game on the reduction of coercion in psychiatry, under development in collaboration with the Psychiatric Department in the Region of Southern Denmark.


An analogue business game on sustainable procurement, made in collaboration with Haltbar Utvikling Skåne Sweden.

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