Compliance games

The gaming experience

Employees play on smartphones or tablets and experience an educational and recognizable story where they encounter different scenarios. Tasks are designed so that they

  • are varied, i.e. many different types of tasks
  • are visually presented, with short simple texts (which can also be read out loud)
  • Always give correct answers when rules and procedures are unambiguous (compliance)
  • often leads to new scenarios, so that you experience that your choices have consequences

You score points in each task and the points are summarized for each module. If you don’t score enough points in one module, you have to repeat it before moving on to the next.

The platform offers the opportunity for friendly competitions between small groups within the same team, or as team against team, or site against site. The competitions encourage repeating tasks until maximum scores are achieved. This motivates repetition learning.

MDI Gaming

Situational learning

The games have both task types that focus on correct understanding and adherence to rules and procedures (compliance) and tasks that deal with dilemmas, habits and culture. As an example, dealing with a disorderly situation in a production area or intervening with a colleague with an inappropriate attitude or bad habits.

In addition to training employees, the game’s tasks can serve as a starting point for teacher-led reflection: What do you do here and why is it important? Or you can go deeper into the topics that the game has revealed as difficult for employees.

Learning with games

  • Games are a training ground. You learn by trial and error, not by doing what you’re told
  • Games create an overview of complex contexts
  • Gaming is a fun and social experience. It makes you remember better
  • Games create engagement and motivation. Learning becomes play

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