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Learning games for professional events

Give your theme day or your professional event an extra boost with learning games. One of our facilitators will run the gaming event, which can be about stress prevention in the workplace, management or organizational development.

If you have specific challenges you want to focus on, we can incorporate them in the gaming experience.

You also have the option to rent one of our self-instructing games and facilitate it yourself.

Practical information

Duration:                      Approx. 2 hours

Participants:                 4 – 1000 (3-6 pr. game)

Price – rent a game:    1.400 DKK – 3.000 DKK / boardgame

Price – facilitator:         3.500 DKK

All prices are without VAT, shipping and driving costs at state rates.

Events about learning games
Workshop about virtual working community

Thursday 4 March frp, 2-3 pm we invite to an online workshop, where we will present our sketches to a new digital game about virtual working community, discuss challenges and receive input.

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Calendar 2021:
4 March 2-3 pm: Online workshop about virtual working community

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