Negotiation game


In negotiation games it is all about understanding different stakeholders’ opinions and needs, so you can create the best possible solution together. Across smaller groups, the participants must find out how they can develop a nature reserve as an example. The groups have different interests to take care of and even though the negotiations are often hectic, there’s always a clear mutual understanding for other stakeholders’ perspectives.



The View on Nature Game is a negotiation game developed in collaboration with the Danish Hunters’ Association. The players’ assignment is to make changes in an environment, and they must for example choose if the stream should be slung anew, if more wild boars should be released in the area and much more. Each group is an NGO or association with different wishes for the land. Some prioritise biodiversity, others prioritise free access to nature. Through negotiations and by seeing the changes visually on a screen, the players become aware of different views on nature and how they can be accommodated.