High Performers

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About the game

HIGH PERFORMERS is a learning game about creating strong teams that pull in the same direction, dare to hold each other responsible, and engage in good conflicts. In the game, you follow a fictional team in a realistic scenario. You must work together to solve conflicts, choose strategies, organize work, and balance the need to deliver quality and progress.

HIGH PERFORMERS creates a space, where it’s easy to share knowledge and reflect upon your own ways of doing things. Through the integrated exercises, you’ll focus on where you’re team’s currently at, where you need to put in more effort and how you’re going to do it.


The game’s central learning is about the five aspects of good teamwork: trust, good conflicts, ownership, shared responsibility, and a common goal. Through the game’s actions you can gradually unlock the different aspects and see how they affect the teammates.

Practical information

If you only need to use High Performers once for like a seminar or workshop, one of our consultants will come to you and facilitate the game. Read more here.

Indicative rates:

  • 15 participants with facilitator: 15,000 DKK
  • 30 participants with facilitator: 25,000 DKK
  • Bigger events by appointment.


You can also buy High Performers as a tool for internal or external use. The basic package at 45,000 DKK includes the following:

  • 5 games, equivalent to completing game events for up to 30 participants
  • Train-the-trainer workshop for up to 16 facilitators (half-day workshop)
  • Facilitator guide
  • Guidance about and plan for rollout


Possible add-ons

  • Extra games
  • The games can be customised to the organisation’s colours, logo etc.
  • The games can also be customised with organisation-specific content
  • For further needs, see custom games
  • Download the product sheet