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About the game

INSIGHTS is a learning game about everything that is going on in a team, but which is not talked about everyday. As a new employee, this can be very difficult to decode. The game therefore provides an opportunity to take a closer look at the informal workplace culture within your team.

But it is not just for the sake of the new employee. INSIGHTS is just as much about the team as a whole and also ensures, through incorporated reflection exercises, a snapshot of where the shoe pinches in the team right now.


INSIGHTS was developed as a result of the need to involve the entire team in the onboarding process which is beneficial to all parties. The game was developed in collaboration with experts who were aware of the demand for structural tools to enhance the insights into the workplace culture; especially in connection with the arrival of new colleagues.

Practical information

If you only need to use Insights once for like a seminar or workshop, one of our consultants will come to you and facilitate the game. Read more here.

Indicative rates:

  • 15 participants with facilitator: 10,000 DKK
  • 30 participants with facilitator: 15,000 DKK
  • Bigger events by appointment


You can also buy Insights as a tool for internal or external use. The basic package at 35,000 DKK includes the following:

  • 5 games, equivalent to completing game events for up to 30 participants.
  • Train-the-trainer workshop for up to 16 facilitators (half-day workshop)
  • Facilitator guide
  • Guidance about and plan for rollout


Possible add-ons

  • Extra games
  • The games can be customised to the organisation’s colours, logo etc.
  • The games can also be customised with organisation-specific content
  • For further needs, see custom games
  • Download the product sheet