About the game

There is not just one recipe for building an organisation which is successful in terms of innovation. Choosing the most efficient strategy depends on the line of business, the specific challenges that the organisation is facing, and the level of maturity among other things. In reality, the challenge is rarely to come up with the ideas, but rather the fact that innovation is not an incorporated part of the organisation. Therefore, the learning game INNOCULTURE focuses on the integration and management of innovation and how to create an efficient and motivating innovation culture. In the game, we follow an organisation through three failures in its lifetime: during growth, crisis, and stagnation. For each of these failures, the goal is to see what you can do organisationally from the view of management in order to keep creating new initiatives. The game is semi-digital, in other words, it is a board game with a digital element. It furthermore features a fun and engaging competitive element which makes the game suitable for events and other company events.


INNOCULTURE is developed in collaboration with Finn Kollerup who is one of Denmark’s leading innovation consultants as well as a number of development managers from several large companies. The game is based on the European innovation standard.

Practical information

Target audience:
Product sheet:


3-6 participants. Multiple games can be played
Approx. 2 hours
Danish and English
Leaders and teams

30.000 DKK

Contains 4 games, one train-the-trainer workshop and license tp use the game for a year.

Further discount is possible when purchasing more than 5 games.

An offer for organisations with 200+ employees

Organisations with 200+ employees can receive a game for a 10-day trial period. If you wish to buy one or more games, then you’ll order them in the form above. Please just remember to write in the comment field that you’ve already gotten one game.