About the game

TEAMLEADER is an analogue simulation game which gives the participants the opportunity to test their abilities within context reliant management in a realistic scenario. The participants are asked to manage a dysfunctional team. During the game, they must try to create a motivating working environment, tackle internal conflicts in the employee group, and not least meet the demands and expectations of the management.

During the game, the participants must make decisions based on their own professionel competence, own experiences, and own assumptions of good and bad leadership. In that way, the game offers a significant room for reflection. Finally, this provides a good basis for discussing which actions of management they view as valuable, and how they can incorporate them in their own leadership style in the future.


TEAMLEADER was developed as a result of the need to coach management in a cost free zone where there is room for missteps and improvements. TEAMLEADER is developed in collaboration with advisors with many years of experience within the field of management coaching. The game illustrates different leadership styles and personal profiles structured around Jung’s archetypes. These archetypes support the view that you can manage and be managed in different manners.

Practical information

Target audience:
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1 game
3 game
5 game

3-6 participants. Multiple games can be played
Ca. 90 min. + debreif
Danish and English
Leaders and teams

7.500 DKK
15.000 DKK
22.500 DKK

Further discount is possible when purchasing more than 5 games.

An offer for organisations with 200+ employees

Organisations with 200+ employees can receive a game for a 10-day trial period. If you wish to buy one or more games, then you’ll order them in the form above. Please just remember to write in the comment field that you’ve already gotten one game.