About the game

PROACTIVE is a game which provides a playful insight into the development of stress and how to prevent it. Over the course of a year, the participants will experience a workplace under pressure. As a team, you must succeed in completing the core task together as well as simultaneously developing a stress preventive culture and structure within the workplace. The participants continuously reflect on how insights and points can be applied to their own company. Finally, the participants discuss which specific initiatives they wish to initiate in order to develop a more stress preventive culture and structure within their own workplace.


PROACTIVE is developed in collaboration with Arbejdsmiljø København who are experts on psychical working environment and have many years of experience in handling stress and stress prevention. PROACTIVE is based on the IGLO-model (Individual, Group, Leadership, Organization) which states that by strengthening former efforts on a group level, you can actually prevent stress between colleagues. The game crosses the bridge to reality by focusing on the core task, management, culture and structure – and how they interact.

Practical information

Target audience:
Product sheet:

1 game
3 game
5 game

3-6 participants. Multiple games can be played
Approx. 90 min. + debreif
Danish and English
Leaders and teams

7.500 DKK
15.000 DKK
22.500 DKK

Further discount is possible when purchasing more than 5 games.

An offer for organisations with 200+ employees

Organisations with 200+ employees can receive a game for a 10-day trial period. If you wish to buy one or more games, then you’ll order them in the form above. Please just remember to write in the comment field that you’ve already gotten one game.