Simulation game


Simulation games are a virtual training ground. When you show production/career/entrepreneurship as a game, it allows for trying different initiatives and strategies, and immediately seeing the consequences hereof. Simulation games are “close to home” and are therefore suitable for training, but they can also be a perfect starting point for conversations about changes and new work methods.

Unit Cost Game Novo Nordisk
Unit Cost Game


Unit Cost Game was developed for Novo Nordisk and is about the term “unit cost”. It’s a complex key term for Novo Nordisk’s business. Even the smallest adjustments can cost millions in the long run – both earned and lost. Players get control over an insulin factory during eight years, and they among others must solve production bottlenecks, consider LEAN initiatives, and react to unforeseen circumstances. Unit Cost Game exists in English, French and Portuguese and is implemented at Novo Nordisk’s factories all over the world.