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On this page, you can read how we manage personal data and what kind of cookies we use on (the “Website”) in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Privacy Policy also applies to the following areas:



What Data Do We Process and Why?

When you voluntarily subscribe to newsletters on the Site, we collect:

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  • email address (required)

We use this to send you newsletters, marketing campaigns and / or invitations to future events.

When you voluntarily submit information on the Site to hear more about a product, we collect:

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  • organization name (required)
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  • your message

We used this so we can get in touch with you.

When you voluntarily submit information on the Site to have a product sent for a free trial period, we collect:

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When you voluntarily sign up for a networking event, we collect:

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When you visit our Site, we collect non-personal information about your country, city, browser, device and operating system which we use for statistics.

When you create an account on our web application game, we save your email address. We do this so that we can authenticate our users and retrieve game-related data associated with each account.


How to Retrieve or Delete Personal Information?

Users who wish to collect or delete their personal information, as well as unsubscribe from newsletters and / or marketing campaigns, should contact us by email at


Data Security

We handle personal data of our users securely. We use encryption when data travels over the Internet through SSL certificates, and we encrypt stored data for some of the games on Although we build all our products with security in mind, we cannot guarantee 100% protection against data theft. From an organizational point of view, we only process the data that is relevant and sufficient for a given purpose, as described above.


Use of cookies

Browser cookies are small text documents that are stored on the user’s device when they visit a website. We use the cookies necessary for the website to function properly, such as for reproducing contact forms or popups. On the web pages where we have embedded YouTube videos, YouTube may be able to set cookies regarding your preferences or to measure which videos are most viewed. As these are cookies from third-party tools and technologies, we do not have direct control over them. For web application games that require a login, we use cookies to store login information.

Another way we use cookies is for statistics through Google Analytics and Hotjar, so we can see which pages are most visited and which topics users focus on and interact with. This allows us to get a glimpse of user behavior and interests so we can continually improve our products.

Information stored in cookies is stored in the browser for up to 24 months, depending on the cookie, and is renewed with each visit.

To delete your cookies, please follow this instruction link:

To opt out of Google Analytics cookies, please follow this link:

If you would like to opt out of Hotjar cookies, please follow this link:


Sharing Personal Data

Personal data may be shared with third party services, e.g. MailChimp (email provider), HubSpot (form builder service) and NemTilmeld (event management tool). You can view their privacy policies on their respective websites.


Policy Consent and Acceptance

By clicking “Continue” on our cookie banners, you give your consent to the use of cookies and you indicate your acceptance of the privacy policy that is shown on this page. Cookies for analytical purposes may be removed as described above.

Privacy Policy Changes

Changes to this Privacy Policy may occur and it is the user’s own responsibility to stay informed by reviewing it regularly.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us at

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