You can get a tailored learning game made by Copenhagen Game Lab. We work with both analogue and digital formats, and we are first-movers within learning games because we combine the two. We have a deep understanding of both structure and demands within educational practices, and we thereby base our game designs on didactic knowledge. We specialise in converting complicated and often scientific material into accessible and effective learning games. Several of our games are actual learning platforms that are structured and experienced as a game.

Our process is straight forward. We develop both concept and content in close cooperation with our customers to ensure high quality and that the game design is spot on. If you are interested in hearing more about how we can create a learning game for your corporation or organisation, please contact us to start a dialogue. You can experience our showcases below.

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Hunter Kids
HUNTER KIDS is a tablet game for children in kindergarten. It takes the oldest kids outside and introduces a fun and educational view on nature.
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BDO Business Game
BDO Business Game is a digital learning game, designed for high school students, so they can experience the profession of accounting and BDO as an exciting career path.
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The learning game, Build A Baby, is about cancer, genetics and heredity. In the game, you build a baby with selected genes and see how it copes with life.
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The City
THE CITY is a role-playing game about negotiation techniques, power analysis, and change based on the UN's sustainable development goals.
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CORNERSTONES is designed to support professional dialogues in day care centres across staff, parents, and managers.
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Cross-border Diabetes
CROSS-BORDER DIABETES is about the challenges that arise when type 2 diabetics switch from one sector of healthcare to another.
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A Better World
A BETTER WORLD is a semi-digital learning game about poverty, climate challenges, and gender equality, targeted at students in 4th to 6th grade.
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Dino Quest
DINO QUEST is a digital game created for the Natural History Museum of Denmark and their exhibition, King of Dinosaurs.
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The Court Battle
Test your knowledge of the Board of Justice.
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Euro Academy
EURO ACADEMY is a digital learning platform developed for VUC Storstrøm, where teachers and course participants can create their own game-based teaching courses.
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Future at Play
FUTURE AT PLAY is a learning game about vocational education. It is a card game that can be played in 8th-9th grade to break down prejudices about vocational education.
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History Roleplay
HISTORY ROLEPLAY is a series of small role-playing games based on three downturns in Danish history; Industrialisation, the Constitution of 1915 and the Occupation from 1
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Immune Patrol
IMMUNE PATROL is a game about the immune system, diseases, and vaccines targeted at 4th-6th grade. It has been developed in collaboration with WHO.
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FLASHPOINT is a game about the prevention of coercion in the psychiatric departments developed for the Region of Southern Denmark.
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Job journey
JOB JOURNEY is a tablet game that aims to help job seekers expand their view on future opportunities and career paths.
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The Employment Game
THE EMPLOYMENT GAME is a learning game that was developed to train management teams at the job centres around Denmark how to implement the new employment reform in 201
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Kids Uni
KIDS UNI GAME is a tablet-based learning game with AR-technology. Its target group is Chinese preschoolers, who are learning English.
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MAZEOUT is a digital game for young girls with eating disorders.
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LUXURY is a fun learning game that starts a dialogue about debt spirals and personal finances among young people.
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Luxury II
To make students even more adept at managing their personal finances, we created Luxury II, which is a digital follow-up to the board game, Luxury.
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Mars Base
Development in progress: MARS BASE is a semi-digital learning game that contains the entire curriculum for physics C in Danish high schools.
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MAYDAY is a simulation board game that trains both pilots and cabin crew in non-technical skills, such as communication, management, and decision-making.
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Orange Leader
The learning game about volunteer leadership, Orange Leader, is designed to strengthen the leadership competencies among the voluntary leaders at Roskilde Festival.
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SOLUM is a board game for lonely young people about loneliness, friendship and communities. Its aim is to help young people with special needs and the people who support
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Catch the identity thief
CATCH THE IDENTITY THIEF is a learning game about identity theft and how to prevent it.
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Turbo Growth
TURBO GROWTH is a semi-digital classroom game about catalysts and food production for 9th grade. It has been developed for Novo Nordisk Foundation's learning unit, LIFE.
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Under Attack
UNDER ATTACK is a game about cyber security created for the Danish Defence Intelligence Service
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In UPCOMING, you create your own band and follow it on the road to the top and the inevitable downfall.
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VIA game
VIA GAME is a learning game about winning culture. The board game outlines the concept of "winning culture" in a simulated but recognizable reality.
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Waste Miners
WASTE MINERS is a digital course on waste and recycling, which is used in the subject, Nature/Technology in 4.-9. grade.
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