A Better World

Developed for middle schools

The challenge

A BETTER WORLD is a semi-digital learning game about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for the middle school. It is made in collaboration with the World’s Best News and focuses on two things in particular: why the world goals are important in both the north and the south, and how they can contribute to creating a better world. At the same time, the game should be interdisciplinary and provide the opportunity to work with the Sustainable Development Goals in several different ways.

En bedre verden


In A BETTER WORLD, students work together in groups and must each create their own country. Their country appears in the digital game, and here they have to build schools, hospitals, new laws and much more. But they only get points to build their country by solving assignments in the classroom. For example, they have to perform a theatre about stopping children’s weddings, upcycle garbage or make campaigns about good hygiene – all based on stories of local change in developing countries.


A BETTER WORLD is available free of charge and is used in schools across the country. Find it at klasserumsspil.dk. The game has been developed with support from Danida’s Information Grant.

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