BDO Business Game

Developed for BDO

The challenge

How do you make high school students excited about the idea of ​​becoming a trainee in an auditing firm right after high school? BDO, which is Denmark's 4th largest auditing firm, has been running case competitions in the vocational youth educations with the purpose of future recruitment. Unfortunately, their response has way too often been that students found the topic boring and unsexy. Then what do you do?

The solution

BDO Business Game is a digital classroom game based on the case competition format. The students "play" an accountant - that is, the specialist who saves your company from bankruptcy. You earn virtual currency and get new exciting customers, depending on how well you solve your subject-specific tasks. In this way, it illustrates the exciting aspects of the accounting profession. The game is both engaging and fun, and it helps to position BDO as an original, creative and innovative company that is attractive to get into as a recent graduate. So not only is the game an academically strong teaching material, it is also effective marketing directly in the classrooms.

The result

The game has fulfilled its purpose! The teachers have taken in the game, because it is academic material that is adapted to the curriculum, and the students find it exciting. Since its launch, BDO has doubled the number of applicants for their trainee programme. The game has proven to be a good and effective way to make free advertising for BDO in the youth educations. At the same time as they reach more students, they even spend fewer resources on recruitment and employer branding. Watch the game here. https://youtu.be/iqk0Jki0QWs

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