Cross-border Diabetes

Developed for Steno Diabetes Center

The challenge

Patients with type 2 diabetes are often thrown around between different sectors of the healthcare system. The Steno Diabetes Center wanted a learning game that could support efforts towards a better cross-sectoral collaboration. The objective of the game is to start a dialogue across disciplines and sectors. At the same time, it must support the players in making specific agreements with each other on local improvement measures.

Diabetes på tværs
Diabetes på tværs

The solution

In CROSS-BORDER DIABETES, the players meet three archetypal patients with type 2 diabetes. They meet them in different sectors and have to deal with dilemmas about treatment, communication, and the problems that arise when switching between, for example, general practitioners and municipal services. By “visiting” each other’s sectors, the players become aware of the challenges the other sectors face and address the issue of how they can improve their cooperation and thus help the patients.

The result

CROSS-BORDER DIABETES was delivered in the spring of 2020 and is being tested as part of a larger effort by the Steno Diabetes Center. Particular attention will be paid to how doctors and other healthcare professionals actually get the opportunity to meet and use the game.

Diabetes på tværs

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