Culture Stuff

Developed for DTU

The challenge

When a multitude of new students get to DTU, it’s typically the first time they experience a large, international environment. There’s a lot of different cultures at play, and it isn’t always the easiest to navigate.

So how do you open the conversation between students from widely different backgrounds? Especially in the intro week where the focal point is establishing a community.

Culture Stuff
Culture Stuff

The solution

The solution became the board game ‘Culture Stuff’. In short, it gives the players the opportunity to consider the intercultural situation they’re currently in.

The game outlines different dilemmas about culture and cultural understanding. The assignment is to guess how the other players would act in the given situation. It gives the players the opportunity to get a better understanding of each other and the new cultures they’re interacting with.

‘Culture Stuff’ focuses on creating conversations and gives the players a starting point to reflect on their own and other people’s cultures.

The result

‘Culture Stuff’ was first used at DTU’s intro week in 2021. The game was so well received that it will be a fixed part of the introductory program going forward. ‘Culture Stuff’ will find it’s place at future social events.

Culture Stuff