The Dementia Detective

Developed for Gentofte Municipality


An early diagnosis is crucial for citizens with dementia. An early diagnosis not only ensures better treatment but also means that those with dementia can speak up for themselves while their agency is still intact.

As a part of becoming a dementia friendly municipality, Gentofte Municipality wished to train their front-line employees in recognising signs of dementia and make them understand how to react in the situation to best provide for the affected citizen.

Demensdetektiven The dementia detective


The solution became the board game The Dementia Detective. Here the players meet different citizens in their homes. Each citizen has deviating behaviours that might be signs of dementia.

During the home visit, the players must choose if they want to take a closer look at the citizen’s living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Though they’re only able to take a closer look at two of the rooms due to a time limitation. Similar to how it would be in real life.

Between each round, there are reflection exercises where the players discuss the situations and dilemmas they’ve met in the game and put it into perspective with their daily work.


Gentofte Municipality has rolled out the game to all of its front-line employees in Health and Care. By one of the first workshops at the beginning of the rollout a manager said the following:

Regarding the new dementia game, my first impression was that it wasn’t all that. Sorry. But now that we’re playing it in groups of four, people love it! They’re laughing and provide professional solutions. And then it’s great for our work environment because it kickstarts the development in a fun way.”