Developed for the Region of Southern Denmark

The challenge

As part of the Region of Southern Denmark’s work to reduce coercion in psychiatry, they demanded a solution in which the participants were taught about prevention and de-escalation of conflicts, but which also served as a social gathering point.

Flashpoint tvang i psykiatrien
Flashpoint tvang i psykiatrien

The solution

FLASHPOINT is a self-instructional board game where participants must prevent and de-escalate patient conflicts by using various interventions. By limiting the available interventions, the game forces participants to discuss alternative strategies, which is not made easier when “human error” and other unexpected events occur.

The result

The game has become a huge success. The original edition has quadrupled, and the game is used today in all regions of the country and in many educations. FLASHPOINT has also won an award for its innovative approach to an otherwise difficult topic at a major international congress on psychiatry.

Flashpoint tvang i psykiatrien

Video (in Danish)