Euro Academy

Developed for VUC Storstrøm

The challenge

It is an ongoing problem for VUC to retain their participants of remote learning courses. As digital frontrunners, VUC Storstrøm was looking for a new way to motivate remote learning students to complete their education.

The solution

EURO ACADEMY is a learning platform where teachers and course participants can create their own gamified teaching courses. The format allows the students to work together on competing teams, which encourages both team spirit and a participatory culture. The format links remote learning and classroom lessons. The platform is also used to enhance communication between students and teachers, when they are not physically in the same location.

The result

VUC Storstrøm has accepted the game with great enthusiasm. The teachers have been given a flexible tool that allows them to tailor their own teaching courses, and the students have been given the opportunity to create game content for each other.

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