Immune Patrol

Developed for WHO

The challenge

The WHO wanted a game that could not only teach students about the immune system and vaccines, but also focus on the learning objectives for schools across Europe. At the same time, the game should live up to the WHO’s high standards of scientific accuracy and evidence-based information.

Immune patrol
Immune Patrol

The solution

IMMUNE PATROL is a semi-digital learning game that trains students in “scientific literacy” with immunity and vaccination as cases. In the game, students must work together in groups and defend their avatar against attacks from infectious diseases. Just like some of our other learning games that take place in a classroom, the groups get points by solving tasks in the classroom. The points must be used to boost the immune system. The tasks can be to build a model of a cell from the immune system, to do theater about vaccinations, to test the spread of diseases in a virtual simulator and much more.

The result

IMMUNE PATROL has been tested in collaboration with researchers from Aarhus University and WHO in Denmark and Ukraine. And as something quite exceptional, it has been tested in a version both with and without game elements to be able to compare the two. The study is still ongoing, but initial results suggest that the game elements make a positive difference compared to more traditional classroom teaching.

Immune Patrol