Job Journey

Udviklet til VUC Denmark

The challenge

VUC Denmark wanted a solution for mobile phones that could motivate job seekers with reading, writing, and arithmetic difficulties. The goal is to make them see opportunities for competence development and at the same time create a starting point for a conversation with a job consultant.

Job i spil
Job i spil

The solution

In JOB JOURNEY, you start by choosing a vacant “persona” and set a career goal. Then the game is about building a business journey consisting of small jobs, courses and education, which leads the persona to the dream job. The trick is to avoid the bad choices that often lead to disappointment in reality. Each persona has different prerequisites and wishes and thus also different job paths. Afterwards, you use the same mechanics to create “yourself” in the game and find the path you want to take in the pursuit of a job.

The result

JOBS JOURNEY is being implemented at job centers and unemployment insurance funds all across Denmark. Try it here (only in Danish).

Job i spil