Developed for Ragnarock

The challenge

UPCOMING has been developed for the Ragnarock Museum. The goal was to give people an experience of life as a rock star and give the opportunity to visit the museum's various spaces. And then it should be a fun experience that actively relates to rock and pop's many clichés.

The solution

UPCOMING is played by visiting different stations at the museum. Each station holds one or more choices, and by scanning a card key, one can follow his band from the first gig to the inevitable resolution. In the beginning, you have to choose the name, genre and not least what you dream of. Maybe you want recognition from your peers, maybe you want to make money, or maybe you just want lots of fans - no matter what, the choice of dream is an important prerequisite for what later gives points. Later it is about who you have in the band, what label you come out on, and what crisis makes it all go wrong. The game continuously responds to one's choices and ensures that everyone creates a unique story about just their particular band.

The result

UPCOMING is a regular part of Ragnarock's exhibition, and guests are constantly creating new music careers, only to see them crash and burn afterwards.

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