The Mars base

Developed for University of Copenhagen

The challenge

The Mars Base is both a teaching platform and a digital game. It is made in collaboration with researchers from the University of Copenhagen and high school teachers. From the beginning, there were three requirements: the game should accommodate the entire curriculum for physics at level C, it should be based on the latest research in teaching methods, and teachers should be able to just play parts of it.


The solution

In The Mars Base, students must build a base on Mars. They work together in groups, and during the game they have to explore the planet, solve problems with energy supply, alarm systems, access to water and much more. They solve the tasks through assignments, studies and experiments, which are based directly on core material in the curriculum for physics C, but put in relation to “real” problems and challenges that one could face on Mars.

The result

THE BASE ON MARS is currently being developed and tested in close collaboration with high school teachers from all over the country. In the 2020/2021 school year the first classes tested the entire course.