Mayday (digital)

Developed for Aeroteam

The challenge

Within aviation employees are often spread across a variety of different destinations. Which often makes it difficult and costly to assemble them physically. AREOTEAM Training Solutions wanted a new, digital training format. It needed to both draw upon the experiences from the physical MAYDAY board game and make use of the digital possibilities for feedback and monitoring among others.

Mayday digital
Mayday digital

The solution

The solution became three digital games that drew upon the physical MAYDAY board game. The MAYDAY games simulate a series of different events from choosing your crew members to an actual system failure. The players must continuously weigh their options against a potential risk. The scenario becomes more critical with progression, and different factors will start to affect each other.

Between each phase, there’s reflection tools integrated, developed in compliance with the standards the players know from their work. The games can be played on location, by distributed teams or teams where a subset of them is located elsewhere.

MAYDAY also contains an advanced online facilitation module which allows facilitators to closely follow the training.

The result

AEROTEAM launched the three digital games ’MAYDAY – CRM Training Aeroplanes’, ’MAYDAY – Safety Traning Maintenance’ and ‘MAYDAY – CRM Training Helicopters’ in 2021. The games make up a significant part of AEROTEAM’s training concept and business.

There’s also a physical version of MAYDAY. Find it here.

Mayday digital