Orange Leader

Developed for Roskilde Festival

The challenge

Roskilde Festival is a huge machinery with more than 30,000 volunteers. The festival works continuously with strengthening the competencies of their 1000 volunteer leaders – among other things through courses at their Leadership Academy. Here, they lacked a tool that could bring the leaders together and engage them in a fun and different way. And an important prerequisite was that the game should reflect the festival’s very special spirit.

Orange Leder
Orange Leder

The solution

In ORANGE LEADER, you play the new volunteer leader for an event group that is stuck. The players make decisions together and must jointly get control of the group and direction of the project. It is about strengthening the social feeling, motivating the volunteers, and creating results for the festival. The game is a version of our game about volunteer management – TEAMLEADER – and has been developed in close collaboration with Roskilde Festival to ensure that both the game’s tone of voice and history fit the festival.

The result

Because ORANGE LEADER is a version of an existing game, we were able to present a finished product for Roskilde Festival both faster and cheaper. But because both terminology and narrative were adapted to the festival, it feels like a tailor-made project. It has been used extensively by the many volunteer leaders and affiliated organizations, and the game has received a very positive response.

Orange Le

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