The City

Developed for Oxfam Ibis

The challenge

Oxfam Ibis has a volunteer corps that gives presentations at schools about active citizenship and global challenges. They asked us to develop an engaging gaming experience on UN’S sustainable development goals 2 and 4; quality education and less inequality, which could motivate students to create change themselves in continuation of the presentations.


The solution

We designed a role-play where students are divided into different social groups in a fictional city. The rich landowners, small farmers, factory workers, etc. all have desires for how society should change, as well as different numbers of resources and points of power. Students are given instructions on possible suggestions they can make during the game, but ‘The City’ is basically undefined from the start. Students need to think strategically about where they can get support for their proposals, as the community groups each have their own goals and resources.

The result

Oxfam Ibis received a game that challenges students to think creatively and solution-oriented in relation to power analysis and change thinking. It seems very motivating for the students that you can win the game, regardless of whether you have good or bad resources in the initial setup.