The Court Battle

Developed for The Danish National Board of Justice

The challenge

In Denmark, one of our most important core values ​​is our democracy. Merethe Eckhardt, Director of Development at the National Board of Justice, believes that it is very important that we, as citizens of society, have a widespread knowledge of our democracy and how it is structured. In connection with the European Day for Law and Justice, the National Board of Justice wanted a quiz that focused on the legal systems in both Denmark and Europe.


The solution

The court battle is a quiz that challenges your knowledge of the legal community. Through the learning game, you score points when you answer the questions correctly. This way, you can find out how broad your knowledge actually is and if you’re a complete Novice or a Grand Master. You can choose whether you want to test your knowledge of “Law and Justice”, “The Work of the Court” or “The European Perspective”. Share the result with your friends and challenge them to compete.

The result

The game has been developed for the European Day of Justice and Fairness. Test your knowledge here: (only in Danish).