The Data Battle

Developed for The Danish Data Protection Agency


Young people use digital media a lot. They effortlessly navigate the digital world at lightning speed. However, they’re also great at sharing information about themselves and others – without necessarily understanding the consequences hereof.

So, the big question is how do you get youngsters to consider data security when they’re navigating the internet?



The solution became the quiz game The Data Battle, which is meant for 10 to 12-year-old Danish school students. In the game, the players are gradually introduced to more difficult terms within data protection.

This way they’re slowly acquiring a deeper understanding of terms like rights, types of personal information and data protection.

The questions in the game draw upon stories the kids can relate to. An element that’s also present in the game’s illustrations. These aspects make the complicated information relevant to the kids and their lived experiences.


You can try the game at (only available in Danish) and see if you can win the big gold cup. It can be difficult – even if you’re not a 10 to 12-year-old.

If you want to use the game for educational purposes, you can find resources at The Danish Data Protection Agency’s webpage under ‘Borger’ > ’Børn og unge’ (only in Danish).

The Data Battle was launched as The Danish Data Protection Agency’s campaign for young people in January 2022.