The Plant Battle

Developed for Natural History Museum of Denmark

The challenge

The Botanical Garden in Denmark wanted a game that could communication knowledge about the plants and trees in the garden but in a fun and different way. The game needed to both engage the visitors to, for example, touch the trunk of the Giant Redwood, while also helping guest navigate the different sections of the garden and guide them to find specific plants during their visit. The game should be a motivator for the visitors to explore the garden, while giving them the opportunity to see plants and trees in a new way.

Plantedysten Botanisk Have

The solution

The Plant Battle is a web-based quiz game with different types of questions. Some are multiple choice, while others are about sorting into categories or order things. In order to find the correct answer, you’d have to look closely at the plants’ characteristics and habitats. Everyone who completes the game is ranked on a scoreboard, where it’s about going from seed to a sunflower in bloom.

The result

The Plant Battle is a part of the offer for visitors of the Botanical Garden in Denmark. You can test the experience next time you visit. Just open the browser on your phone and go to (only available in Danish).


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