Under Attack

Developed for The Danish Defence Intelligence Service

The challenge

Center for Cyber ​​Security, a unit within the Danish Defence Intelligence Service, finds that small and medium-sized companies find it difficult to translate their threat assessments into specific action plans. They wanted a game that could help management teams understand the importance of cyber security and help them get started.

Under Angreb
Under Angreb

The solution

UNDER ATTACK leads the players through two years in a fictitious company with threat analysis, vulnerability analysis, action plans, and reactions on attacks. Cyber ​​security is a very technical issue, but the game makes it manageable and operational and is rounded off with the participants taking the first steps towards their own action plan.

The result

The game is intended to be an essential part of Center for Cyber ​​Security’s increased civilian counseling. The first workshops have been successful, and other parts of the Danish Defense have expressed that they would like us to make a version of the game within their areas.