Via game

Developed for BDO – Auditing and Accounting

The challenge

One of the pillars in BDO’s VIA strategy is about spreading the concept of “Winning Culture” within the organization – but without the employees getting too competitive in the process. But how do you do just that in a decentralized organization with approximately 2000 employees?

Via spillet
Via spillet

The solution

VIA GAME is a board game which, by simulating reality with customers and numbers, focuses on the concept of “Winning Culture”. Thereby, it creates an opportunity for employees and teams to discuss and understand what it means for the individual, and what changes the management expects. The game is produced in a large edition, so all offices have each their own game.

The result

The employees have welcomed the VIA strategy, and among the various implementation initiatives, the game is rated at the very top.

Via spillet