Waste Miners

Developed for Argo

The challenge

Sorting garbage and waste? This is not something that most children have in mind. However, the energy company Argo had an ambition to get far more classes to visit their recycling stations and incinerators. They just lacked an interesting and engaging material that could introduce the topic to the children.

Waste Miners Klasserumsspil.dk
Waste Miners Klasserumsspil.dk

The solution

In the digital learning game, WASTE MINERS, students are clans in a post-apocalyptic world, where there is nothing but garbage left. The game is based on practical tasks, where the students, among other things, must create energy by designing an incinerator, building an environmentally friendly house, etc. All activities provide students with resources in the game, which they can build their base with. The teacher is an active part of the game and acts as a facilitator and tutor, while he or she helps and assesses the students’ projects.

The result

WASTE MINERS has been very well received, and Argo has used the game in the nine municipalities in which they operate. The game meets the children at eye level, and while the students become part of a fun and exciting story, they also gain insight into a number of points about circular economy and the point of sorting waste. The game is available at www.klasserumsspil.dk.

Waste Miners Klasserumsspil.dk