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Developed for Gladsaxe Municipality


In Gladsaxe Municipality’s day care centres, they work with four cornerstones; the child pedagogy, the adult pedagogy, parent collaboration, as well as management and organization. The municipality wanted a tool that could facilitate professional dialogues among staff, parents and managers and create opportunities for people to evaluate and adjust their curricula.


CORNERSTONES is a board game with a minimal set of rules. This allows you to quickly start talking about what is important. Specifically, you encounter tasks that are divided into types, so that you can easily select the tasks depending on which group is playing the game; staff, parents or managers.


It is Gladsaxe Municipality’s experts who have written assignments and questions, so the game is incredibly close to practice in the municipality.


Gladsaxe Municipality has had a large edition of CORNERSTONES printed, which they have distributed to all day care centres in the municipality. The professional dialogue has been framed in the individual day care centre, which makes it less time-consuming to have to evaluate and adjust the curricula.


The game has subsequently been adjusted and sold to another municipality, which also saw the potential in it.

Learning game about interdisciplinary dialogues

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