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Dino Quest

Developed for Natural History Museum


DINO QUEST is supposed to be a new take on the classic treasure hunt on the museum. The aim is to make museum guests want to explore the exhibition, and at the same time give the opportunity to look at the exhibited objects in new ways. In addition, the game must apply to both school classes and ordinary guests.

Learning game for Natural History Museum
Learning game for Natural History Museum


You access DINO QUEST from your phone’s browser and compete in getting on today’s highscore list. The web app guides you through the exhibition, and in each room there are questions. Some are simple multiple choice questions, while others are about sorting into categories, putting things in order or using the fewest hints to find the answer. The questions have been developed in collaboration with the museum’s curators, and a common feature is that you have to observe and interact with the exhibited objects to find the right answer. So it is not enough just to read the texts of the exhibition, but instead you have to think and consider hypotheses – a bit like a real dino researcher.


DINO QUEST is a regular part of the museum’s exhibition, King of Dinosaurs. In continuation of the project, a version for the Botanical Garden was also developed. PLANT QUEST is visually very different, but the basic approach of experiencing, observing and reasoning is the same.

Learning game for Natural History Museum

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