Ideas for teambuilding activities

Teambuilding activities are about getting employees to know each other – and the best way of doing so is by throwing them into an unfamiliar situation together.

Experiences make people closer – especially because it’s something you can all talk about during lunch. The most important part of teambuilding activities is doing something where everyone can participate. Games and assignments can be a great way of getting the best out of your team – both professionally and socially. Here we’ve collected some ideas for ways to improve your team.

Teambuilding can be a lot of different things – it’s almost only down to the creativity of those planning it that limits what teambuilding can be. As long as the activity enhances the team spirit and you’re creating a collective, memorable experience. Teambuilding can also “just” be a social event like going for dinner or bowling.

Board games for teambuilding

As game experts we have a natural preference for board games, so why not take up the challenge for your next teambuilding event? Learning games are the perfect middle ground between the people who find teambuilding activities to be silly and those who love to get a different and fun perspective on their colleagues and the company.

Our learning games exist in the conjunction between easy and playful where professional skill and team development are the main focus. Depending on the game’s theme and purpose, the learning games give a great opportunity to get to know each other even better, when the team is thrown into specific disciplines.

Copenhagen Game Lab is specialised in making custom learning games meant for teambuilding. These games are fun, great at connecting the colleagues and challenging their way of thinking – all to create strong teams. A great learning game for teambuilding could be:

In the learning game, High Performers must the participants collectively solve disputes and choose strategies as well as organise work. The game gives an insight into how the team functions and gives opportunities for the team to reflect upon their own as well as their colleagues’ roles in the workplace.

Another great example of a learning game that can be used for teambuilding is the game Innoculture. Innoculture focus on establishing a motivational innovation culture among employees. The game has a fun and engaging competition element that makes it perfect as a teambuilding activity.

More ideas for teambuilding activities

When you as a company or team leader are looking for an activity for teambuilding, you have to keep in mind which activities would engage everyone – and which activity can give exactly your team the best possibilities for connection. We’ve collected some more ideas for popular activities below.

Escape Room

A trip to an escape room can test your team’s abilities! Here participants are challenged to exercise their logical thinking skills and collaboration to solve riddles and find their way out! It’s both fun and educational.


At baton, the participants get to use their bodies and get the blood pumping. It’s an activity that’s filled with energy and high spirits. Here teammates replace each other to deliver a collective result and reach the goal first. Baton is very universal and allows finding the type of baton that fits your team best.

Treasure hunt race

Invite your employees outside to enjoy nature and get some fresh air in a treasure hunt race. In these types of races, the participants are sent on a run where they complete tasks at stations along the track. Every single station they get a problem or a riddle that the participants must solve together. The treasure hunt can both be set in nature but can also function well in an urban setting. Every station can be fun and filled with learning that’s adjusted to your company.

Food class

Food collects people, so why not utilize it as a teambuilding activity? There are a lot of different food classes, where participants can be challenged in both their culinary skillset and their teamwork when they in pairs are thrown into the world of cooking. A food class typically ends with a feast, allowing employees to talk and connect.

Whiskey or wine tastings

If your teambuilding activity needs to be a little more grounded, then you can try out a wine tasting. The participants will learn about different wines and get to develop their taste repertoire. Wine tastings are usually in an informal, cosy environment where employees can connect at their own speed.

What can you get out of great teambuilding?

Teambuilding can be used almost anywhere – both in companies, student groups or schools. All to strengthen the community and team spirit among the participants. Teambuilding allows participants to work as a collective unit that needs to read each other’s strengths and weaknesses while utilising them to reach a goal or a solution.

A great teambuilding activity is both creating a great atmosphere while also breaking down barriers between co-workers, which is especially fruitful to create an efficient and productive team. A great teambuilding activity boosts morale and motivation among participants as it gives them that extra push to perform even better in the company.

Teambuilding activities strengthen the team and make them thrive – which in turn can relieve stress. If you want to put a greater focus on the role distribution and efficiency of the team, you could look into team development. In team development, the focus is aimed at a specific challenge, and it typically takes longer than “just” a simple event.

When you’re done with your teambuilding activity, it’d be a good idea to end it with an evaluation, where participants reflect upon the collaborative process. Noting down the things that worked well and the things that didn’t. This can be a valuable insight into the daily operations of your company. The evaluation can also be a great tool for creating an efficient, blooming team.

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