Copenhagen Game Lab

We have developed more than 70 different tailored games for both analogue and digital use.

Copenhagen Game Lab has existed for six years, but our experience with learning games goes back more than 10 years. Through our many years of experience, we have learned how game didactics work, and which processes it takes to make development, a chance in behaviour, transformation, and communication. The games are not just learning tools, but to a great extent business simulations. The objective of our games is to create a room for dialogue, development, and learning, where everyone participates actively. By utilising simulation games, you can provide professionals with a known experience which in turn can make them take ownership of the process. 

The team behind

Henning Grubb Basballe
Diana Juncher
Senior game designer
Mads L. Brynnum
Game designer
Jacob Engelbrecht
Graphical designer
Chandra Larsson
Video & So-Me Specialist
Sarah Maria Sander
Graphic designer
Stine Friisnæs (Maternity leave)
Programming assistant
Graphic design assistant
Frederik H Andersen

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