Developed for the Region of Southern Denmark

The challenge

For most people who suffer from an eating disorder, the disease is a big part of their lives and identity. It is a mental disorder defined by abnormal eating habits that negatively affect a person's mental health and everyday life. Chief physician Maria Guala from the psychiatry department of the Region of Southern Denmark wanted to develop a tool where people who suffer from an eating disorder, in a safe environment, could learn more about their disease and maybe afterwards be more open to dealing with it.

The solution

MAZEOUT is a digital game where players face a number of challenges similar to their everyday life. They have to make choices about what they will do if they find themselves in pressured situations and suddenly have to face the conflicts that occur. Many of the situations will be repeated several times during the game, as this helps to constantly try new ways of doing things. At the same time, the game contains a series of reflection exercises, where you talk to a therapist about the game's dilemmas and different situations. The answers can be saved and can later be used in the patient's therapy plan.

The result

MAZEOUT has been published and is currently being tested in actual courses of treatment in the Region of Southern Denmark. MAZEOUT has been developed in collaboration with the psychiatry department of the Region of Southern Denmark and with support from Trygfonden.

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